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Our Outlook

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Event Consultant


Customer Care Specialist

Cheerful and friendly, helpful and kind, Clover Forest's staff members are one of the Farm's trademarks and biggest assets.
Shop Our Packages Online 24/7
Check our pricing and the availability of your preferred date(s) at your convenience and in complete privacy.  Then, you're ready to connect, talking with us is pleasant and stress-free.  We focus on learning all about the dream wedding you 
have in mind and how to bring it to life here at Clover Forest.
We listen carefully, pay attention to details, and work earnestly each day toward one simple goal:
A Wonderful Wedding Experience!

Have Questions?

Have questions before spending time on a visit? We can chat by text, email or phone. Click here to drop us a line and we'll set something up.  It's quick and easy.
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Our Approach

"To us there's just no such thing as a cookie-cutter wedding. You already know best what holds meaning for the two of you, and for your family and friends.  We're here to help make that meaningful vision come to life in this majestic, beautiful and historical place that is Clover Forest.  So ask us anything.  If we can help, we surely will!
"Should you wish it, during this journey you'll have the benefit of our staff members' many years of event experience to help guide and advise you, and for no extra charge. We've done this a lot and know what to expect, and we're always happy to share our knowledge.
"Being positive people with the best of intentions, our goal is to help you find what works best for the Big Day you've been dreaming of.  Toward that end, Clover Forest offers a variety of exclusive event packages—some with additional options—and we'll help you with these in any way we can.
"Best of all, we put everything online so you can review and discuss Clover Forest's offerings with privacy and on your own schedule, without feeling rushed or pressured.  But then when you're ready, we're here.
"We want your 'Clover Forest experience' to be as easy and user-friendly as possible, and we work very hard every day to make that happen for our wedding families.  But if for whatever reason we just can't create here the celebration you have in mind, we'll tell you so, so you can continue searching for your perfect venue without delay."
Courtesy, Positivity, Givingness and Respect:
You couldn't be in a better place or in better hands than at Clover Forest.

          If you do not find a date and time below that works with your schedule, Message Us. We'll work with you to create a specially-arranged tour.

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If you do not see a date and time below that works with your schedule, Message Us. We'll work with you to create a specially-arranged tour.

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